The MastroStretch Lower Back Pain Stretch Program is the missing link to your self-care regime. Your schedule doesn't leave time for things that aren't effective. This program is everything you didn't know you were missing to help create less "crankiness", reduce stress and create a healthier you.


The MastroStretch program is different because you can complete it in 30-minutes or break it out into 10-minute segments. Whatever fits into your schedule! 


This 4-step program uses:

1. Release techniques: Release uses a foam roller and massage therapy balls to release tension is your body. 

2. Elasticity conditioning: This part conditions your tissue (muscles, fascia) to become more elastic and less likely to be "cranky".

3. Ki-Hara resistance stretching: This technique is used to strengthen and actively stretch your tissue (muscles and fascia) using your own resistance for lasting change.

4. Breath: This breathing technique will get more oxygen into your body by raising CO2 levels to access it.

What do you get?

• Guided instructional videos

• Pdf print-out cheat sheet

• Optional 30-minute weekly coaching calls

Regular ‘ol stretching isn’t effective. MastroStretch is. Feel the difference by signing up today!

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