Gift guide for health-nuts

It's that time of year! Time to get your lists ready and start the countdown to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It's hard to stick to healthy habits this time of year, so throw your friends a bone (broth) to help them survive the holiday parties and dinners. They can also get a jump-start on their New Year's resolutions!

To help you with those health-nuts on your list, I've created a gift guide of "Amy-approved" gifts. "Amy-approved" follows the guidelines of being low-toxic, natural and health-oriented. You'll find everything from workout clothes and shoes, to beauty products and kitchen gadgets.

Below are some of my favorites, but you'll want to check out the entire guide here.

I love these yoga pants. They are cheap, long-lasting and don't roll up or slip down when you're exercising. Bonus, side pockets to fit your phone!

Once finding out I had heavy metal toxicity from stainless steel, I switched a lot of my cook and drink ware to glass, including my tea pot and water bottle. Not only is this tea pot pretty, but you can heat it up on the stove, unlike some glass teapots.

This mat is super cushioning! Great for exercise, but not great for yoga.

My skincare routine consists of natural anti-aging techniques, like facial cupping! Great for plumping up the skin and getting rid of tension in the forehead, temples and jaw.

My go-to mobility tool, Yoga Tune Up massage therapy balls. They pack easily and can be used pretty much on every body part.