Bill Hoolihan

"Amy is one of the finest health care practitioners I’ve ever worked with. Super knowledgeable about anatomy as well as her craft. I recently completed a half Ironman race and I’m in training for a full Ironman. She was able to fix numerous issues with my feet, leg muscles, hip tightness and from out of nowhere a shoulder problem. Her methods frequently result in almost instantaneous relief and doing her “homework” would ensure I stayed “fixed”. And she’s darn right pleasant to work with. I recommend her whole heartedly for a wide range of body mechanic issues."

Renee Wood Hover

"Amy is a healer and so much more. She has a gift that allows her to connect with you and provide exactly what your body needs at the exact time your body needs it."

Tom Hastings

"Amy's the best! Customizes her program to what your body needs"

Allison Nicole

"I jacked up my hip carrying my two kids while on vacation (lots of walking). Amy was able to walk me through stretches via Skype to get me straightened out. Even through video chat, her expertise shows. She could easily tell that my posture was out of wack (my term, not hers). Highly recommend!!!"

I highly recommend Amy and her varied techniques for multiple issues such as strength building, flexibility, posture, etc.. Amy gives personalized care  and attention that goes beyond her established therapy sessions and she is a font of knowledge with respect to health, nutrition, etc.

Amy has a sharp, attentive eye, while actively listening to your concerns. She devises an effective and transformative course of action with stretches, exercises and techniques to relieve your pain. I can't recommend her enough. She's knowledgeable, thoughtful, attentive, extremely personable and kind. I'd give her 6 stars if I could.