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Amy Mastrogiuseppe

If you ask any trainer why they do what they do, 99% of them will probably say it’s because they are passionate about health and fitness, but where is the “why”? So I’m attempting to let the world know my "why”. I imagine it started with a love of basketball, but let’s dig a little deeper. Lots of people love a sport. But my root “why”, I believe, was an outlet. An escape, if you will.


See, I grew up in rural West Virginia without a lot of opportunities. I could have easily became a statistic, born to parents who were 17 and 19 (kids themselves). There weren’t many jobs, let alone good jobs. Public education was financially strained and subpar (although I did have some amazing teachers). I didn’t realize I was poor, even though I lived in a trailer and have been on food stamps at various times throughout my life. It was called normal. You grow up in rural West Virginia, this is normal. But the one thing I did realize, is that your health and fitness are completely controlled by you. I saw unhealthy behaviors from my family (and still to this day). No one exercised (although many did hunt and do a lot of manual labor). I didn't eat healthy foods (that came after college). White bread, bologna and American cheese was again, normal. 


This “normal” life was not for me. I never wanted to become a statistic and have a baby at 16. I never wanted to be on food stamps ever again. I never wanted to be over weight. I never wanted to be on high blood pressure pills. Or unable to carry my own groceries. Or climb a flight of stairs without being winded. Or unable to get off the floor without assistance. I never thought it was normal. And it's not. It's not normal to pop a pill to ease pain and control your blood pressure. Common, yes. But NOT NORMAL. And that drive, that conversation that gets me riled up when people choose surgery or a pill instead of doing the work to heal themselves. That’s the “why” of my passion for wellness. To help people feel amazing. Notice I didn’t say look amazing. That’s not what matters. It’s how you feel and live. To be able to move freely, pain-free and be energized to live your best life. That’s my “why”. What’s yours?

Bill H.

"Amy is one of the finest health care practitioners I’ve ever worked with. Super knowledgeable about anatomy as well as her craft. I recently completed a half Ironman race and I’m in training for a full Ironman. She was able to fix numerous issues with my feet, leg muscles, hip tightness and from out of nowhere a shoulder problem. Her methods frequently result in almost instantaneous relief and doing her “homework” would ensure I stayed “fixed”. And she’s darn right pleasant to work with. I recommend her whole heartedly for a wide range of body mechanic issues."




  • Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching (Levels I-V)

  • StretchZone

  • FMT Movement Specialist

  • TriggerPoint Performance Myofascial Compression Techniques

  • YogaFit (Level I)

  • Have also studied M.E.L.T method, Yoga Tune-up and Myofascial Release


Personal Training

  • ACE Personal Trainer 

  • Kettle Bell Concepts

  • Have also studied NASM CPT & CES; FMS


  • CPR and First Aid certified

  • Collegiate courses in Athletic Training, Human Anatomy and Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, West Virginia University, 1999


Athletic background

  • Collegiate basketball and rowing


Personal Best

  • Plank record: 7 min 14 sec

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