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Indoor Fitness

Live Workshop: 
Learn the Most
Powerful Way to Stretch
(That’s Not Yoga) 

In this 30-minute workshop, you'll learn:



How to Become more flexible, while building strength.


How to reduce
body tightness and stiffness.


How to Prevent pain and injury.

Imagine a life without aches and pains...
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Can you imagine:

  • Waking up feeling fresh and with a pep in your step?


  • Not "pulling" something when moving too quickly?


  • Finally finding something that works (and isn't terribly boring)?


  • Not spending a lot of time to feel flexible?

What will you do when tightness and stiffness aren't holding you back?

This workshop is a must attend if:​


You're sick of living with body tightness and stiffness.


You're a beginner and don't know the best way to stretch.


You've tried stretching or yoga, but it didn't help your aches and pains.

A personal invitation from Amy...

I've been helping people get out of pain for many years.

I've learned and mastered the exact techniques that are proven and effective time and time again.

This workshop will teach you the most powerful way to stretch (that isn't yoga)!

If you're committed to make this the year you finally do something about your body stiffness and tightness, I can't wait to help you on your journey. 

Choose a time that best works for you >>


See you there,


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