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Lower back stretches...why the MastroStretch Lower Back Stretch program is effective.

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Lower back pain stretches 1
Lower back stretches

Feel like you have a brand new body.

The MastroStretch Lower Back Stretch Program is the missing link to your self-care regime. Your schedule doesn't leave time for things that aren't effective. This program is everything you didn't know you were missing to soothe tension, reduce stress and create a healthier you.

The MastroStretch program is different because you can complete it in 30-minutes or break it into 10-minute segments. Whatever fits into your schedule! 

This 4-step program uses:

1. Release techniques: Release uses a foam roller and massage therapy balls to release tension is your body. 

2. Elasticity conditioning: This part conditions your tissue (muscles, fascia) to become more elastic and less likely to be "cranky".

3. Ki-Hara resistance stretching: This technique is used to strengthen and actively stretch your tissue (muscles and fascia) using your own resistance for lasting change.

4. Breath: This breathing technique will get more oxygen into your body by raising CO2 levels to access it.

What do you get?

• Guided instructional videos.

• Pdf cheat sheet.

• Private Facebook group community.

• New weekly stretch routines.

• Text reminders for accountability.

• Optional 30-minute postural and movement assessment and 30-minute weekly coaching calls.

Regular ‘ol stretching isn’t effective. MastroStretch is. Feel the difference by signing up today!

All for 14.99 a month!

BONUS: If you sign-up by Monday August 26th, you get a free, 30-minute postural assessment with me. 

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