Natural remedies for anxiety.

Natural remedies for anxiety
Natural remedies for anxiety

In my last post, we dived into how to have more energy by simple and effective techniques to sync your circadian rhythm (hint, sleep is huge factor for energy). Now we're turning our focus to our brain. And how it's connected to anxiety. I'm sure you've heard of leaky-gut, well, when you have low energy, anxiety, brain-fog, depression and fatigue, you probably have a leaky-brain. It's all connected! If you have any of these symptoms, your brain is not functioning properly. So you can't blame locking yourself out on getting older!

I, personally, have experience with anxiety and panic-attacks. I didn't know what they were at first. The first one I recognized as a panic-attack happened as an adult (but I'm sure I had them as a child too). A dark enclosed space triggered the attack (I was camping in a tent). I woke in a panic, like I couldn't breathe. Hot and bothered (not in a good way), I had to get outside into some moonlight. My heart-rate was racing and I was out of breath. Some people think they are having a heart-attack. Follow-up attacks have typically been while sleeping (my bedroom is dark as a cave) and I'll throw off the covers and have to turn on all the lights to calm down. (I'm also a vivid dreamer, some dreams, I think, cause the anxiety. I'm pretty sure there is a connection.)

Point blank, they suck.

I hope you have not experienced panic attacks, but if you have anxiety (it can manifest in different ways for everyone), the root of the problem is brain immflamation and dysfunction.

Brain inflammation, leaking blood-brain barrier and dysfunction are ruling your world if you suffer from anxiety, low energy, brain-fog (not thinking clearly and forgetting things easily), depression and fatigue.

But don't fret, you can heal your brain and get rid of anxiety! So what causes "leaky-brain"?

Could be:

1. Disrupted circadian rhythms.

2. Exposure to toxins, like heavy metals, BPA, glyphosate and pesticides, indoor air pollutants like air fresheners and candles, fluoride (in water and toothpaste), food additives, mold and over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

3. Inflammatory diet. The standard American diet (SAD) wrecks havoc on not only your gut, but your brain as well.

4. Low vagal tone. The vagus nerve is a critical nerve for getting out of stress mode and into rest and relaxation mode.