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DIY Face Serum

This is, by far, the best face serum (and cheapest) I have used. I kept getting breakouts from everything else I've tried. This is the first oil I've used that absorbs so nicely it doesn't leave me super shiny. I just top with a little sunscreen and done and done.


• 1 dropper bottle or container (I used an old serum bottle)

• Organic sunflower seed oil

• Organic avocado oil

• Organic lavender essential oil

• Organic tea tree essential oil

• Organic ylang ylang essential oil

• Organic frankincense essential oil


Mix 3/4 bottle with sunflower seed oil. Mix the rest of bottle with avocado oil. I might suggest if you have dry skin, to do half sunflower and half avocado oil. I use a 2 oz. bottle and add 1 drop of each essential oil. Shake and use.

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